Meet Lauren LaPorte Somers

More than a decade and a half ago, I was a counseling graduate student and had my  first major spiritual breakdown (aka - awakening).  I struggled with severe burnout that manifested as a major depression diagnosis, and I was on the brink of walking away from it all.  My life was at a great precipice.  I could choose to continue hiding myself away, living every moment in fear, sadness, and anger, cloaking myself in darkness, and existing as a shell of a human being - or -  I could rise-up, piece together some courage, and fight bit by bit to repair the whole and radiant self that I was apparently, hell bent on destroying.  By no means did this struggle and suffering end overnight, and the healing journey was rocky, at times painful, and often completely derailed by the doctors and therapists I sought out for help.  No person needs to live in suffering, and this is why I carefully crafted each protocol within the Live Life Unafraid™ ℠ system to assistance individuals experiencing clinical and non-clinical issues, struggles, and or burnout. 

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Her Credentials

Lauren LaPorte Somers, EDD, LPCC, LPCP, NCC, ACAP-EFT holds a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology, is licensed in the state of California (LPCC#366) and Illinois (LCPC#180.010441) as a Professional Clinical Counselor, is a National Certified Counselor, holds Certified Advanced Practitioner status from ACEP in EFT, and is trained in the Way of the Shaman by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies .  She has practiced counseling for the last 20+ years in a variety of settings (agency, higher education, and private practice) with individuals, couples, and families.  She is currently accepting adult individuals and couples into her practice.

I believe you landed on this page, in this moment, for a reason (everything happens with divine timing), and I invite you to call, email, or fill out the contact form, for a complimentary 20 minute video or phone consultation.

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