A brilliant courageous soul resides in you!


Have you ever felt unsure of what to do in life or indecisive around big decisions? Do you feel stuck in your life?  Are there times when you react in a way that doesn’t “feel right” in your gut?  Or you ignore your “gut feelings” and suffer the consequences?  Maybe you feel “on track” in your life, yet there are times where life just feels difficult - like you’re banging your head against the wall?  Are you tired of hearing that you just need to "say no” as the best way to set your boundaries? Does your brilliant soul beckon to be revealed? Are you ready to live a profound life, free from the fear that holds you back from living your Divine Destiny?

Wouldn’t it be totally amazing if there was some type of program that offers practical steps and tools to unlock life’s purpose and provide life clarity, helps get you unstuck, increases your voice of intuition, and helps you to align your reality with your values?! 

Lauren LaPorte Somers exists to help you cultivate the courage to reveal your greatness.  With over two decades of counseling experience, she weaves evidence based techniques with spiritual practices (not religion based), to implement a series of protocols to collaboratively build your Profound-Life Plan™ ℠ (foundation approach in the larger Live Life Unafraid™ ℠ system).     

Your New Profound-Life Plan™ ℠. 

The Profound-Life Plan™ ℠ is one tool kit in the larger Live Life Unafraid™ ℠.  system of healing. This tool kit is the foundation for more advanced work. It focuses on shifting stagnant energy, healing old wounds, nurturing your intuition, and enriching your ability to co-create an expansive and brilliant reality born from your soul’s truth. This toolkit contains protocols that repair biopsychosocial boundaries, cultivate new constructive beliefs to replace old dysfunctional ones, deepen the connection to your intuition and higher self, reduce negative reactions to everyday triggers, increase clarity around the purpose and meaning of your life, and move you out of a place of “stuckness”.  

As a healer, Lauren connects with her clients on an extrasensory level that assists her in implementing the optimal protocols for shifting stagnant energy, shedding dysfunctional belief patterns, and building an expansive brilliant reality born from your soul’s true path (your Divine Destiny).  She does this by creating Brave Boundaries™ ℠, healing triggers with Moment of Flow™ ℠, nurturing your Deepest Place of Wisdom™ ℠, and enriching your life with Courageous Co-Creating™ ℠.